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Families seeking baptism for their children are asked to be registered in the parish. Parents can call the Parish Office and schedule a meeting with Mary Frances Coburn and register to attend a Baptism Preparation Class. These classes meet quarterly and are always held on a Saturday from 9:00 a.m.–noon. Upon completing the class and necessary paperwork, the date can be scheduled. Baptisms are held on the first Sunday of each month (except during Lent) at 10:30 AM.

First Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation

Children, second grade and older, wanting to receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion should be attending Religious Education classes or Divine Mercy Academy. Anyone in 8th grade and older can receive Confirmation. Students in 8th grade should be attending Religious Education classes or Divine Mercy Academy. High School age students should be participating in the Youth Ministry Program.


Marriage is a covenant relationship (I will love you unconditionally), and NOT just a contractual relationship (I will love you IF you love me). The principal goal of marriage is not just pro-creation, it is also the mutual love of husband and wife. The Sacrament of Marriage has an important community dimension, couples by their love for each other become living signs of how God loves us. Marriage assures a couple’s ability to sustain an intimate relationship. Marriage assumes a relationship to Christ and His Church.

Divine Mercy Catholic Church is pleased to announce the following upcoming events:

  • Preparing Your Catholic Legacy Seminar Series presents: Women and Investing, Planning Your Financial Journey, May 11th, 2:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m., Social Hall, free but please call the parish office at 321.452.5955 to register
  • Worldwide Marriage Encounter, May 20th-22nd, San Pedro Center, Orlando
  • Fr. Martin’s 40th Anniversary of his priesthood ordination, Saturday, May 21st, 4:30 p.m. Mass, dinner reception follows in the Dome
  • Bus trip to the Shrine of Our Lady, Queen of the Universe, Orlando, FL, May 26th, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
  • Cave Quest Vacation Bible School, June 20th-24th, 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m., DMCC

Please click the Parish Information tab at the top of the screen, then click Event Registration in the drop-down menu for more information on these events.


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Divine Mercy Catholic Church
1940 N Courtenay Pkwy
Merritt Island, FL 32953

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How do I have a mass said for a loved one?
The church office staff will assist you. Call the office at 321-452-5955 for more information, or to schedule a mass intention.

How many priests are assigned to Divine Mercy?
Our parish is staffed by one full-time priest (Pastor), and one Associate Pastor. Additionally, we have three retired priests that support our parish when their schedules allow. You may see different priests celebrating mass on the weekend, but because they are retired and have other events, they may not be available for sick calls and other functions. We will do the best we can to be in contact with you as timely as possible, but please be mindful that we only have one full-time priest in a parish that had three full-time priest’s years ago.

How do I arrange a funeral?
The church office staff will assist you. Call the office at 321-452-5955. The church office staff will contact the bereavement team, and someone from the team will call you to make arrangements. The designated bereavement team member will work with your family and the church office staff to coordinate the church, the funeral mass time, and the priest that will preside at the service.

Does the parish have reception space after the funeral?
We try to be as accommodating as possible with the families. However, please realize that we have a full school in session, and the children are in the social hall throughout the day. Therefore, receptions are not automatically guaranteed. To support the family during this time, the parish has a list of other nearby facilities that may be available.

Can I pre-plan my funeral at Divine Mercy?
Absolutely! Call Antoinette Schultz in the parish office, 321-452-5955, ext. 111 to schedule an appointment.

How do I volunteer?
Every year we hold a ministry fair to which all parishioners are invited. During this event you can talk to members in each ministry to learn about the ministry. This event has proven very beneficial in helping parishioners decide where and how to volunteer. But don’t let time go by waiting for the next ministry fair! Explore the church website to learn about the different ministries available. Once you’ve decided on which ministry or ministries you want to become involved with, stop by the church office. We will gladly assist you with contacting the ministry leader to get involved, and start you on your path to helping your chosen ministry and our parish.

What opportunities do you provide for adult faith formation?
We provide several options for adult faith formation: Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA), Bible studies, LifFE nights, Small Christian Community (SCC) groups, days of reflection, and retreats. Generally, Bible studies are held Monday nights in the dome; and LifFE nights are held Wednesday nights in the dome. LifFE nights provide a venue to discuss topics that affect our lives today as Catholics. For the most current meeting schedules of all adult faith formation options, please check the weekly bulletin.

What is our annual appeal?
Through the annual Catholic appeal, local parishes support the ministry needs of our diocese. Every year, each parish is asked to contribute an identified amount to the diocese. All parishioners are asked to play a part in helping their parish and their diocese.

Why all the requests to help people with money?
To answer that question ask yourself “How much did I contribute toward the earthquake in Nepal, or the hurricane that hit Central America, or to my local community service groups that help people with day-to-day situations?” If you answered “nothing,” think about the Catholic church, that’s where we come in. The reason local parishes ask for monetary donations is because the church is asked for donations on behalf of the people affected by a tragedy or need. Many times, when a tragedy strikes or a community becomes aware of a need, people ask what we can do. The church answers that question by reminding people that they can contribute monetarily or materially to help. These forms of contribution hold us accountable to being good stewards for all of the world, not just our immediate community.

Why do we have so many fundraisers and requests for money?
Basically, the reason why is that our offertory collections fall short in meeting the total financial obligations of running and maintaining the parish and academy (e.g., money for scholarships for needy students, assistance for the poor in our parish, facility maintenance and repairs, etc.). While the parish has a savings account, in the past several years we’ve had to regularly dip into it for major repairs, and to cover remaining costs. Consequently, we must hold fundraisers and solicit donations to make up the difference, and to replenish the savings account. Additionally, every four years we specifically ask all our parishioners for a small increase in their offertory tithe. If our offertory collections were overcapacity, we would have much less solicitation, and possibly no bingo (because bingo is so labor-intensive for the revenue it generates). Since the academy reaps the benefits of the bingo revenue generated (the money goes to student tuition assistance), the parents are obligated to help at bingo. However, if all financial obligations were met by the offertory collections, we would not need these extra fundraisers, and we would internalize everything in the parish budget.

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Coming soon!

Thank You!

…to all our Donors and Sponsors that have supported and continue to support Divine Mercy Church and Academy this year!; we can’t reach our goals without you!

We encourage our parishioners to stop by and say thank you. Because of these donors and sponsors, we are able to offer our students, parishioners, and the Merritt Island community the services and support needed to build a better future and spiritual life.


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LifFe Night

Bob Cabana, Director of KSC Nicki Biamonte, MetLife
Sergio Cavazos, Wylie-Baxley Brian Hurd, Attorney, Estate Planning and Probate

Donations in Memory of

Ms. Cheryl Mutter, Trinity House Mrs. Elaine DeCarlo Fisher  Frese, Hansen, Anderson, Anderson, Heuston, & Whitehead, P.A.
Mrs. Jean Millman Mr. Mrs. Louis Cardinale Ms. Mary Anne Jesperson
Mrs. Maureen Ovington Mr. Mrs. Norman Moore

Monetary Contributions

Mr. Richard Kowalchik


Mrs. Patricia Penrod  Mr. Don Piercy, The Running Zone

Safety and Maintenance

Brevard County Sheriff & the Merritt Island Precinct GC Electric, Glenn Clutter

Catholic Organizations

The Council of Catholic Women The Knights of Columbus
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida
The Orlando Diocese